Obstetrics and Gynecology

Queens Specialist Hospital is committed to providing patients with the most comprehensive range of OB-GYN services under one roof.  From preconception counseling through delivery and recovery for obstetrical patients, and full range gynecologic care for non-pregnant patients, our specialists provide sophisticated leading edge healthcare to women throughout their lives. Pregnancy is a unique event and exciting time in your life, having the right support and guidance from an experienced obstetrician/gynecologist during this time is one of your first priorities. At Queens Specialist Hospital, our team of qualified OB-GYN physicians provides comprehensive pregnancy care for expectant mothers, including on-site ultrasounds and lab work, genetic testing, and monitoring of high-risk pregnancies.

We strive to provide outstanding care to each and every patient. Make an appointment to visit our office, discuss your concerns, and have Queens Specialist Hospital care for you today!

More Services

  • General Gynecological Care
  • Pregnancy & Postpartum Care
  • Contraception & Family Planning
  • Urinary Incontinence Evaluation & Treatments
  • Pelvic and Uterine Prolapse Evaluation & Treatment
  • Menopause Management

  • Menstrual Conditions
  • Infertility Evaluation & Treatment
  • Adolescent Health
  • Cancer Screening & Testing
  • Surgery & Procedures